Friday, July 17, 2015

CCM - Week 2

MY DISTRICT    <3 Them!!

This week is basically the same as last week. 

Most days we just have class all day and learn some grammar... muchos palabras (much words), or how to teach main points of the lessons in espanol. Also we eat. Also we have an hour to run around everyday. Also we kinda sleep. 

My district is so cool and we have so much fun together and we have a little book of inside jokes cause we are just really cool. 

Shopping on P-Day
We are at week three and this week it just hit me that i am trying to learn another language. Its weird but i was just reading in PME and i realized that they were not English words. This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, but its also the funnest time ever. Lots of weird mixed emotions but its great and I love it. 

Public Transportation is fun?!?!?!
So I really don't have that much to say! Well actually, to day was p-day so we got to go to the temple and to this big place called metro that is kind of like a grocery store on the first level a pharmacy/panaderia (bakery)/cafe on the second level and like a bed bath and beyond kinda place on the third floor. Also there are these cool little shops that are kinda tucked away and hidden in alleyway places in the streets and they are like levels of shipping crate looking things that are just filled with stuff. There's one that's pretty popular that sells every kind of jersey you could ever want and one that sells the coolest most comfy pants ever. I got some sweet pants and a Lima club jersey and a Brasil jersey (REPRESENTING MI HERMANITO!) haha! Next time I'm going to get a Peru one and an Argentine one! After shopping the hermanas in our district got some futbol (soccer) lessons from our elders cause I'm pretty sure we kick people more than we actually kick the ball! Esta Bien. 

Oh and all of the Advancados (advanced missionaries) and the latinos left monday and today we became intermadios (Intermediate missionaries) and some new premiantes (new missionaries)  came in with a ton of latinos. When we arrived at the CCM there wasn't that many missionaries but now its like overflowing! Its great! 

That's about it! Sorry its short this week but its all the same in the CCM! If ya wanna know something more specific you should totally email me! Or better yet right me some letters cause we can get them, buuut we can't send them. Letters are the best because we can pull them out latter and reread them so send letters! 

Perú Lima Central Mission
Perú Missionary Training Center
Centro de Capacitacion Misional
Av. Melgarejo 159, La Molina
Lima 12

Also spanish is so hard so if you could send me some great tips about how to learn alot alot of spanish in a little bit of time I will love you forever! 

With so mush love from Lima!! 

Hermana Scarlett

The Hermanas in my District

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