Thursday, March 31, 2016

Las Jardines - Week 8

Here, they love to shove cake in your face
at your yearly checkpoint!
March 21, 2016

Well this week I got an ugly redneck, farmers tan sunburn, tripped about 500 times (still clumsy as ever), got tricked into eating nasty cow parts, and turned 20 years young!!

This week was a good one. Weird things always happen with hermana Sanchez by my side, just makes life a bit more interesting!  For example, one day we were walking in the park and saw a big black trash bag (it looked inflated) in a park. I wanted to see what was under it so i started walking towards it and somebody started yelling at me! And that somebody was in the trash bag! Why? We have no idea... 

This week we also had entravistas with President. Ahhh so great, I love talking with president y hermana Larson. 

We are running around here in Los Jardines like crazy people. This sunday we had several of our investigators come to church which was great- but only 1 stayed for all three hours.... But progress is progress! Yeah well sorry I dont really know what else to sayyyy! The mission is great I love being here walking among the Limanites and sharing this marvellous Gospel of eternal peace joy and happiness! 

Also im 20 now! It was weird i just woke up one day and I saw the world in different colores and the food tasted foodier, My tallness felt a little tallier, and I just seemed to know everything and have all the answers to all the questions. It was a nice experience. 

Also check out this super great video about Easter and about our Salvador Jesucristo.
Ok love you all so much!
With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

People here think it is funny to shove chicken feet in your face...
also they like to trick white girls into eating squishy cow meat

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