Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Las Brisas - Week 24

January 25, 2016

Dear people, 

It has recently come to my attention the the Panthers have a 17-1 record this season and will be advancing to the Superbowl in 2 weeks. We can look at this and really see all the blessing that we recieve from missionary work. Families are being blessed thanks to the missionaries from North Carolina that have decided to serve missions, and now the Panthers are going to the Superbowl. Miracles do exist, you´re welcome.

Just kidding! But how exciting is that! WOOOHOOO!! People here are gonna get sick of me real quick! 

Haha but this week has been really great. We always have super weird experiences, frustrating experiences, sad, and every other emotion in between. I really have discovered emotions here in the mission that I never knew existed before. 
We are doing a lot of finding from contacting, the carpeta de area, and from member refrences! 
We found this old man named Jamie (from the carpeta) and we went to his house and he let us in real quick and we talked to him for a good bit about the church and about the Book of Mormon, and just our basic principles that we live by. Hes so cute. Every time we said something or bore testimony he would say "Exactly! Thats exactly right! Why are there not more people that believe this and more importantly act on their beliefs?!" Then we invited him to be baptized and ha said "Seria maravillosa!" (That would be marvelous). Hes great. 
Actually this week we spent a lot of time with different old people. 
A member presented us to his old lady friend that always hands out in the park and likes to sing. SHe is cute, her name is Clair- her family is from Francia, she only told us at least 20 times. ALso she was a saprano back inthe day in some prestegous choir. She mad a song up about me and sang it to me. She compared me to a rose and sang about my eyes and how im so beautiful- it was very interesting. Then we sacked a cita with her and i went to kiss her cheek good bye and she grabbed my face and drew a cross on it with her thumb (kinda like simba from the lion king) and then gave me several grandmotherly pats on the cheek. Were gonna go sing with her next week. 

Yeah so this week wa had a toooon of citas- but the majority of them fell through. That was a little rough. But the thing is that not everything is always going to go perfectly like you planned it. Thats not life. But we just have to make the best out of every situación and look for, and work for, the blessings that are there. So when our citas fell through, thats when we found osme really great contacts, when we found little acts of service, antiguos investigadores that maybe now is their time. Its really easy to let these things get you down and let it impede the work, but easy is hardly ever the best. WHen it gets hard, work harder, make your day great.Thats something that ive really learned alot in the mission- to take the lemons, put in some work, and make some lemonade.  

I love you all so so much and youre in my prayers. I hope you have the best week every and are able to turn some lemons into lemonade!  

With Love from Lima,
Hermana Scarlett

1. probably my last day en Historia Familiar- probas gonna have a transfer
2. A noche de Hogar with My Las Brisas Grandparents- Hermana Arce and her husband (arce actually means maple tree in spanish- who knew?) Hes the cutest old man. When ever he tries to shake my hand we play "dodge hand" and I just move my hand around until he gets it. HAhah then during stake conference he came up to me and I did that then after that he pointed at my shirt (like i had something on there) and then he did that thing where he zips his finger straight up your face when you look down! Hes crazy! Theb he grabbed me and gave me a big hug, so funny and a little bit uncomfortable and then I realized that President was there and a tpon of other missionaries! HAha but it was funny 

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