Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Las Jardines - Week 5

February 29, 2016

Los Cerros - very humble neighborhoods
Hello all, here I am finally writing this email after walking around for almost 40 minutes trying to find internet. "Why was it so hard to find internet?" you may ask.... well you see ther are 5 million adolecent boys in every single internet playing stuped internet video games. Finally we found some computers....but it still smells like teenage boy armpit in here. 

This week was really great we did a lot of stuff and saw a lot of miracles. And im really tired. Today is pday and we went to Centro de Lima and did a bit of shopping and then we went to the catacumbas. There we learned a lot about the catholic church and saw a bunch of bones. Also for some reason it smelled like garlic in there. 

Things that happened this week. 
  • The power went off in about half of our sector- at night. That was terrifying. But we ran to the other side where there was light, so were still alive. 
  • We contacted a lady last week adn then se saw here again in the street and she invited us in to talk to her and then she brought out her husband- a pastor from some iglesia evangĂ©lica to "talk" about what we believe. It was intereting, thouse guys really like to talk. Its crazy how close they are to the whole complete truth, they  just need the Book of Mormon! 
  • We got to stay in nursery for two hours of church cause one o four investigators has a little crazy kid and she works every day till late. SO one of us taught her while the other kept the little one occupied. It was tricky, but it was really great. 
  • 23598236 things happened but my brain is fried and im to tired to remember. But one day im sure if you ask waht happened this week ill be able to tell you in perfect detain, but today is not that day.
The church is true, San Juan is hot. San Juan is also a place. The Book of Mormon is my favorite book ever because it is really really cool, and also cause wehn I read it I fell my Saviors love, I feel that I am a daughter of God adn that he has a divine plan for me and for each one of us. I find answers to my questions, doubts, worries. It lifts me up when I feel down, and it lifts me up higher when I am happy. But the thing that I love the most is that its writtin for me and for every single one of us individually adn here in teh mision I can really see how this little book can change peoples lives. Love love loove the Book of Mormon, and you should too!

With love from Lima 
Hermana Scarlett

Also shout out to Dad and grandma margie adn granpa rusty! I got my christmas package! Thanks I love it so much!!! 


Knocking doors - Catherdral doors!

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