Thursday, March 31, 2016

Las Jardines - Week 6

Fun contacting practice - hahaha!
March 7, 2016

Hey yall. Im sick! I just have some kinda yucky head cold, but its not fun. My nose is stuffy and my head is throbbing and I sound like I smoke 2 packs a day. I keep hearing my moms voice in my head saying "Blow your nose Sara!" But im feeling better, blowing my nose on a regular basis and truing not to cough up a lung. 

This week was super good- as always. Not a whole lot happened- we walked, taught, found some cool new people, walked some more, taught some more, took a water break (cause its hot) found some more, and then eventually we sleep. 

some things...
1. There is this gym that we pass all the time full of little peruvian guys pumping iron, one day we passed by (there is a giant window the length of the wall) and someone yelled "Hoootdooog!". I was confused and then I asked H Moffett if she heard that and she started laughing and told me that he yelled "guappaaa" haha i guess that does make more sense. 

2. We have this investigador named Orlando that is just the cutest old man (hes really not that old) that came to church sunday! Sundays are always a little stressfull cause a lot depends on if your investigators come to church or not. We arrived at church adn we had one investigator there (but shes waiting to get divorced to get married to get baptized which takes forevvvver here) and no one else. So we were feeling pretty down when church started. We were fasting that out investigators could come to church but we werent really seeing that that was gonna happen that sunday. So we started the sacrament and I was really praying hard that someone would come, or that I could know what else I can do to really help these investigators progress. We took the sacrament and I just felt all my nerves and stress melt away as I focusud on the sacrament and what it really met. Sacrament ended and then they opened the doors and in walks 4 of our investigators! We jumped up and ran and opened the dividers and got some chairs for them and we all sat down adn listened to testimonies. Out of the 5 that were there only 2 were able to stay for all 3 hours (1 asistencia is all 3 hours) It was really great, Orlando met el obispo and made some friends and really enjoyed the classes and told us that he learned alot. And Raquel (our other investigator) was able to go to her class the 2nd hour (normally she would just stay in nursery with her little girl) and then the third hour we sat with her in nersurey with her daughter Emily and were able to teach her. 

Picture of our street taken from our apartment window
It was really nice to see all of our walking and teaching and testifying pay off that sunday. We only had two that were able to stay for all three hours, but every single one of us is important and special in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. We we so excited to see them show up at church not becuase it counts as one asistencia but we can really see that they want to learn more and that their testimonies de Jesucristo are really growing bit by bit. I love the mission, its ridiculously hard at times, but here I have really been able to see people grow closer to nuestro Slvador Jesucristo y a nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial.  Love the Church, and the restored Gospel of Jesucristo que tenemos.

Dios les Bendigas!
With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

haha also this week I shared Moroni 9:8 with a menos activa (her name is Magali and she has 19 years) We were just talking about crime shows and crazy serial killer people and she said that she didnt have that much time to read the Libro de mormon cause shes reading some serial killer psycology book. So I showed her that verse adn she got really excited. then we read a nice pretty verse about faith. The Book of Mormom is so cool!

Spying on Testigos de Jehova knocking on a member's door

Dino Chicken Nuggets!!

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