Thursday, July 23, 2015

CCM - Week 3

Sporting my Brazil jersey in honor of Elder Scarlett!!!
First of alll HAPPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ALLISON! I knew your birthday was soon but when I checked the computer last pday (on the 15th) the computer said it was the 9th so I thought I had a whole nother (is that a word) week until your birthday!
Ummm so anyways because it was Allison's birthday I had some kind of loco suerte (crazy luck) and scored my first goal of real futbol (with all north americans... but it was legit). 

My district and our teachers!
Friday our district did a black out day. We all wore black and the elders wore their dark suit coats and we did black friday- cause black equals work. We get work done in District 111! Haha anyways spanish is coming along we are teaching alot now. Its cool cause we use the casitas (little house like areas) and it feels kinda like you are really in an investigators home. We had our first TRC yesterday and that we a little stressful but it was real good practice. I couldn't tell you what TRC stands for but it is when we get un poco (a little) notice that we have to teach a brand new investigaaaaator for 45 minutes, and they really don't go easy on you but you get good feedback in the end. That was pretty hard for me but it was a really good learning experience. 

I love the sisters in my district!!  Our room is number 314 and we like to lay in bed and just talk.  We call our talks the Secrets of Pi - yeah, I'm a math nerd.  Also my companion (Hna. Anderson) is the best and she helps me so much and we can just always de-stress and be silly and have fun but also really work hard together. This week some of the hermanas in my district and I decided to brave the futbol field with the Latinos and it was crrrazzzzyyy. Somehow me and hna. Morris were the only two northamericans on one of the teams. Hna. Morris is my height and skinny like me but she has super blond hair. One of the latino elders kept calling us supermodels. He was maybe like 5,5,... he's a strange one but it was sooo funny! 

Also we like to teach the latinos tongue twisters. So funny and they think it is so cool! 

CCM Entrance - Its not a prison!!
The food is the same every day. Rice and meat. And giant portions! When I first got to the CCM I could not hardly finish it but now I get hungry in between meals and just scarf it down! But it is good. Especially the Ice cream. South american ice cream, I'm pretty sure comes straight from heaven and just bypasses the cow. Its delicious. Also the churros are on point. So good. But since soooo mannny northamerican and latinos came in last week we have not had a single churro. We get the best desserts at lunchtime. At dinner we get compo de fruta. Sick. Its weird like apple juice jello, but not, and has soggy fruit in it. It doesn't sound bad but it is. And they make soooo much of it and no one eats it! Hahah but now I'm pretty sure the kitchen people just try and concoct the weirdest things and take bets on how many people they can trick into eating it! Last night there was this strange pudding looking stuff and I asked one of the workers what it was and she said that it was flour, brown sugar, milk and something other stuff I can't remember. But she said it was SSOOOOoooSOooo good so I got some. Ok this stuff was the color of snot and swamp water or something else.... Like the nastiest brown green you could think of. I tried to put my spoon in it and literally the whole thing shifted. So strange. It had the texture of a slug and mucus post blender. Hahah it was just so strange and so yuck! But we ate it. We had a race to see who could down it first. We all plugged our noses and shut our eyes and were gagging afterwards. It was strange.
Hahah also I am really good at mixing up words. SO I was praying with an investigator during one of our lessons and Instead of salude (health) I prayed for suerte (luck). And it was so weird because I did not even know what that word was so when I finished I leaned over to my comp and I was like what in the world is suerte. She laughted and told me I just prayed for luck. Haha also we were pretend teaching the elders about prayer and I was explaining that first you need to start (empezar) with Heavenly Father, but I said first we need to teach (ensenar) Heavenly Father. Haha spanish is fun.
Anyways thats life. Its good here. I am happy. Its weird that today is my 3 week mark. It feels like I just got here but it also feels like I have been here for my whole life. The CCM is just a time vortex. But I love it and I know I am here for a reason and that there are people waiting for me an I am just so dang excited! The church is true folks!
Miss you all!
With love from Lima,
Hermana Scarlett

We have PB - but its super expensive :(
Main street in Lima - People everywhere!
Public Transportation is for short people......

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