Thursday, March 31, 2016

Las Jardines - Week 7

March 14, 2016
Selfie with Faux Chocolate Tree

Well there were changes over here in the middle of desolate San Juan de Lurigancho. Hermana Moffett got transferred to LAS BRISAS!! but not to my old sector (Las brisas 2) she went to las brisas 1, but the same barrio. Also in to other companionship of hermanas here in the zone- hermana paz and hermana sanches- hermana paz got transferred. And now my new companion is Hermana Sanchez!! They took out both of our companions and put Hermana Sanchez and I together! Now between the two of us we have two sectors to work in!  Were super excited and super exhausted! Now that there is just Los Jardines (There was los jardines 1 &2) we are doing a lot more walking between the two sectors, also we had to move into the new room so we were lugging refrigerators, boxes of books, maletas, desks, every little thing up and down the shair where we live to get everything all together and organized. But it was fun and we are super excited to have this oppurtunity to work in the two sectors and make them one! 

So this week i really dont remember what happened, its all kinda a blurr. Im getting to know the people from Hermana sanchezs sector and shes gettign to know the people in my sector. Its great the work is great, sorry I dont have too many details :)  

Today we went to centro de lima to do a little shoppy shoppin and we found this cute little chocolate museo and got ourselves some delicious chocolates, cause we are hermanas and we love chocolate. 

Also everyone that is going through a litttle bit of a rough patch or a hard time (seriously probably everyone) just needs to take a little 5 minute break from life, sit down with your favorite type of chocolate adn a Book of Mormon adn just read for 5 minutes. Seriously the Book of Mormon is so special and can lift your spirits, change your day around, feel peace and tranquilidad, and so so much more. The mision is hard, heck life is hard. But Dios knows that!  Any for that reason we have tools to help us along in life. I love the Book of Mormon and the oppurtunity that I have here in Lima to share it with people every day, so that they can find answers to their questions, pease in their lives, and eternal happiness. What a blessing it is to have the Santa Biblia and El Libro de Mormon!
Love the mission!
With love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

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