Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Las Brisas - Week 23

January 18, 2016

Ok so this week, lets seee. It is a billion degrees here and sometimes the streets smell like fecies. Actually its really not a bilion degrees, but its still pretty hot. And only some streets smel like yuck, others smell like bread, so thats nice. 

We had 2 specail confrences with Elder Uceda. He is the area general authority, and also he is our bishops dad! Funny story- one sunday a few weeks into the mission I sat right next to him and just thought that he was a normal member. Then (like 3 weeks later) I realized who he was.... dang.. He talks to the profet! And I sat next to him! ...but i didnt realize it... but it happened nonetheless!- Anywyas hes about the coolest, and his life is so interesting. I want to read his biography. He has basicaly been with the church in Peru almost since the beginning. He was baptized into the first stake in Peru, which was in Lima. And now he is finishing organizing the 101 stake in peru! 
Yeah so this guy is a spiritual giant and I cant even beging to explain all that I learned and felt when we were with him so im just gonna leave it at that. Oh but we all had the oppurtunity to shake his hand and tell him where we were from. I told him I was from north carolina and he was like "Cooooooolll" (His english is perfeect) He didnt say anything to the ones from Utah 😋

Also this week we found some interesting people. 
We found a lady  in our carpeta de area and we went and visited her and pretty much the fiirst thing she said was "awh you look like a little cat" to hermana Deppe and then she got super serious and told us that there might be an earthquake any day cause she read about it on some religous page on the internet, and it there was we have to grad on to a pole cause the earth will open and then the it will eat us cause there is LAVA! Shes a specail one. Were never gonna have a boring lesson with her. 

Also we have been finding some really cool people to teach. One guy is named Jhonathan and we taught him about the Book of Mormon one day and we shouwed him the picture of the people being baptized in the fron of the book and we ased him what he saw. He told us that he saw a man and a woman bathing together in a river and thet there was another girl that was leaving the river all wet cause seh was embarrased adn that there were peopel fighitin and that the people bathing in the river were waiting for something from heaven. Hahah Ive never heard that one before. Haha then I said... Actualllly no. Its a baptism.... I really almost lost it! But hes a cool guy and wants to get baptized, so hats great

I found this quote this morning when I was reading a talk called "Turn to Him and Answers WIll Come" by Elder James B. Martino.
"Am I as close to living like Christ as I was before?" 
Hot dang, that hit me. That is something That I am trying to work more and more on every day. to always evaluate myself to see where I am at adn to always remember the goals that I have and to try and continually be more like my Savior. As I have been doing this I have been able to recognize more and more blessings that I have in my life and really see rogress that I am making. We should all think about the end point. Where do we want to go? And then realize that we can get there through Christ. ANd then act, bit by bit day by day, and eventually we will get there and we will have Christ with us every step of teh way. 
Love you all and I love this gospel!

With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

Lunch at The Flor Home :)

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