Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lima CCM - Arrived!

Our girl made it to Peru safe and sound - here is her first email!

Ummm these keyboards are strange sooo yeah...............

On the flight from Charlotte, I sat next to a peruvian man and we were talking. He was going home and long story short, after many questions about why I was going to Peru, he asked where the church was in Lima so he could go.. How cool! 

5 miss... ahhh

Lima is soooo cool! We got out of the airport and onto the buses at like 2 am; then we drove through the city and saw a ton of Lima. There are lost of KFC... haha and really nice McDonalds. There were some pretty cool places and some super sketch places. Que Bueno! Hahaha. 

My companion is Hermana Anderson from MIchigan and I FREAKIN LOVE HER!!!. There were about 30 missionaries going to the peru mtc on our flight. So far I haven't seen any missionaries who are already at the MTC. I think they are probably in classes or whatever mtc missionaries do. 

My PDay is on wednesdays so send me lots of emails! I'm so excited! 

Also in Lima there is like a lot of grass art (?) haha i guess its a real thing. They do all kinds of shapes and animals and words. Haha anyways its time to go! I love you all!

With love from Lima!
Hermana Sara Scarlett

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