Friday, January 15, 2016

Las Brisas - Week 22

We had to do a jump picture!!
Parque de Las Aguas
January 11, 2016

This week was great. We worked our hineys off and it was great- not that we don't anyways. We started a 40 day fast in our zone of things that could be holding us back from our full potential as missionaries. A lot of the stuff that I am fasting from are just tiny things that have really been making all the difference. My posture while im praying, organizing my study desk every night before bed so its ready in the morning. "... Y así vemos que por pequeños medios el Señor puede realizar grandes cosas." (1Nefi 16:29) We are finding more and more people to teach and we are seeing little miracles every day. 

One of these people that we found is named Guliano and he is the coolest! I really feel like back in his day he was pretty thug. I mean hes not old, maybe like late 30´s, but yeah he definitely has some thug in him. But it was funny cause a lot of times there are people that like to say stuff to us (por ejemplo, on the way to internet today some guy looked at me and kinda shouted ¨Everlasting love!¨ or new years eve there was a group of older men that were saying ¨Look! The angels have fallen from heaven!¨ But its really funny cause their pronunciation is really bad.) but anyways there is this group of jóvenes (young men) that always yell hellloo gringaas just to try and bother us a bit, But Guliano knows them! Anyways we met him at his house and walked across the street to the park and this group of jóvenes saw and yelled something and Guliano was like ¨Hey! Im trying to listen to the word of God! You guys should probably do that too!¨ It was really funny and Guliano is cool and has lots of interest and wants to learn more. ALso now were in with the thuggies on the block. 
With Hermana Johnson at Parque de Las Aguas
One thing that I was studying this week was about Grace. A lot of time when we think about the grace that our Heavenly Father and Jesucristo have for us we tend to think that when we put in all that we can that they will be there to make up the difference. That is true but that is not all. They aren't just there waiting for us at the finish line- or almost at the finish line waiting to help us finish- they are with us every step of the way. There are there to help us in the beginning, middle, and end. They know us and love us and want us to become the best that we can be- they want us to achieve the potential that they see in us. We can achieve this only through grace. Through the Atonement of Jesucristo. I love this Gospel and all the blessings that I have through it.
The mission is super hard but so far it has been one of the best decisions that I have made.
Les quiero mucho!
With Love from Lima 
-Hermana Scarlett 

Oh yeah- pday we went to parque de las aguas. Its just a bunch of really cool fountains and then at night they get all lighty- also there are a billion tourists and white people there. Its weird.

Las Hermanas at Parque de Las Aguas

Las Brisas - Week 21

New Years Eve with Hermana Flor - our Mission Mom <3
January 4, 2016

Im getting worse and worse about remembering what happens every week. 

We had NEW YEARS!! It was lots of fun. We had permision to stay at Hermana Flors house until  12.20. At 12 the whole sky exploded! It was AWESOMMMEE! We had so much! But then we went home and watch for a bit longer from our roof and then we hit the hay around 1. The next day we had Pday as a zone and went to Larco Mar, which is like the beach. Also it is suuper classy and touristy. It was beautiful and clean and it was almost like I never even left the US! Also we played the game "are they whiter than us?" Where we basically just evesdropped on all the white people we saw to figure out how white they really were, mostly based off their spanish. It was fun, made me feel a bit better about my spanish. Also I met this lovely couple from fort mill and we had a nice chat about the carolinas. 
Larco mar is above the beach so we played sports on the beach for a while and then walked up to larco mar to eat. It was probably the equivalent of walking the great wall of china. There were so many stairs and it was all up hill. And it was about 500 degrees. but the food was good. We had Burger King. Just like the States. 

Also nobody wants to be in Lima during the holidays so almost every single one of our investigators is in some other part of Peru. But that was just a blsessing in disguise casue we are finding alot of really cool people that are interested in our message. But we had two investigators that stayed here. One id Guillermo and the other is Antuonet. Antuonet has classes every sunday from 9 to 12, and gues what time church is at 9 to 12. So thats definately from the adversary. But they are both great and just really want to learn more. 

Also I got my package that mom sent to me about 16 weeks ago! I had to walk all over Magdalena (mostly cause we got lost) looking for the ser post. But then we found a dunkin doughnuts on the way back and shared some with the elders in the offices (cause we had to walk all the way to the serpost and then back to the office to drop off my ID card) We are deinately the coolest hermanas in the mision. Yeah so that was our super jumbled confusing week.
I love the holidays but im glad that they only happen once a year cause they are exhausting and im just ready to get back to a normal schedule. 
I hope this email kinda makes sense. If not, just know that the mision is great and im loving every crazy second of it. The church is true folks! 

With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett
Let's burn trash in the street for New Years!!!
Our Roof Access - scary!!!
Rooftop New Years Eve Pic

Larco Mar Beach
Shops above Larco Mar Beach

Las Brisas - Week 20

December 28, 2015


Haha yesterday we found one of the members walking in the street and he saw us and he shouted "HEY MY WHITE PEOPLE!" haha hes a funny one.

Well this week was christmas! It was great to talk to my family adn to spend christmas with my Peruvian family! CHristmas eve our pensionista took us out to get lunch at a nice restaurant. They are the sweetest. And then afterwards we had a bad of little goodie bags that we went and passed out to all the children in the street. Its like a tradition here to give to the people who really need it on christmas eve. Its really sweet- and an eye opener. 

Then christmas eve night we had permision to be out until 12:20 in a members home and we had so much fun. Its a tradition here to eat a big dinner christmas eve night at 11 and then thees a countdown- like new years eve- till christmas day at 12! Then at 12 everyone in Peru lights off all their fireworks and the sky looks like it is on fire! SO coool! We had so much fun! 

But this week was a little hard to visit people cause everyone was busy adn didnt have any time. ANd here you have to go throught a gate and then like 2 more doors to get into peoples houses. ANd they have stupid little buzzer intercom things so it just makes it more easy to tell us no! But thats ok, I know this church is true and there are people waiting to hear this gospel and every "no" is just one step closet to a "yes"!

I love you all so much and thanks for all the christmas wishes!
WIth love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

Las Brisas - Week 19

December 21, 2015

F E L I Z   N A V I D A D ! ! ! 

Oh man Im so ready for Christmas! And im just so more excited that im going to be spending it here in the mission with all the people that I have come to love so so much! 

THis week was great! Our investigator Hans finally got baptized! But oh my word it was a process! It was really cool cause I got to see him through the whole entire experience from when we found him all the way up to his baptism and to infinity and beyond! Just kidding, hopefully Im not in this sector for that long (not that I dont love it- its the best!) BUt hes really come a long way, and now he is our Gospel Principles class president! Hes a funny dude, and our ward mission leader is like his adopted church dad and was able to baptize and confirm him. Its just really nice to see the fruits of our labors and to really see the changes that this gospel can bring to those that truely choose to follow Christ. 

But hey yall THIS WEEK IS CHRISTMAS! Also here its like 500000 degrees so it doesnt even feel like it- except for Peruvians have a real knack at finding some of the tackiest christmas decorations and then handing the up EVERYWHERE! Its great. ALso we decorated our pensionistas- Sisi- house for chrismas! It was fun she like our mom~/aunt/older sister. 

Im so excited for all the fun christmasy things, the food, the gifts and everything in betweent, but what I love the most about this time of year is that we get the opportunity to share the beautiful message about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ with everyone. He was born in the most humble of circumstances and lives the most perfect life of love for us, for every single individual child of God. He gave us the most precious and beautiful gift that we cant get anywhere else. His grace, His mercy, and His love. So when we are opening up our presents under the tree we should reflecton the real gift tha was given to us. A savior and Redeemer of the world! 

I love you all soo sooo much and send all my love this christmas season! Enjoy every part of it and eat all kinds of fatty american yumy christmas food for me and Ill eat all the Peruvian christmas food for you!
Also go to and watch the video! Itll change everything! 

Love you all so much! Thanks for all the Christmas wishes!
With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

Las Brisas - Week 18

Hermana Deppe and I - Cuy Lunch
December 14, 2015

Wow this week was a good one! I really only rember like 2 things... but theyre really good two things! 

So we have been passing by and following up on a lot of our contacts so we have been knocking alot of doors to find them again. So lots of walking searching and finding. Sometimes I forget that people have lives and school and jobs and that they just arent always in their home waiting for us to knock on their doorall day long. But thats a-ok. We are finding more and more potentials (well really every single person is a potential) but people who are more open, and its just great and fun

Also we had a secret santa noche de hogar with a few members from the barrio- they are the beest! Patricio had my name- he is a mess! He was asking me what I wanted last week but like in a very general way so I wouldnt suspect anything but I kept telling him super ridiculous things like a peruvian dog (thay are so ugly! They have no hair and are black brown and super wrinkly) or a llama or some pizza- just crazy things- So it was his turn and he pullled out this big box and gave it to me and I opened it and there was this little llama key chain at the bottom! Hahah it was so funny! Also I was really excited about the big box too haha. 
Yummy Cuy!!

Cuy Foot - yummy???
Oh and also we ate us some  CUY! Its was kinda like a really smally chicken-but in guinea pig form. And they skin was a little reaky cause it wasnt like chicken skin- it was like animal skin- like guinea pig leather... But the little feet were funny so we all saved the little feet and were gonna make BFF charm braclets with them.

Also we got a magic text from one of our investigators (see photos) . Were still not 100% sure if it is real or just a crazy dream. SO now we are just gonna keep working with all our heart might mind and strength and do everything we can and leave the rest up to the Lord. 

Wonderful text from an investigator - "I'm going to be baptized"
Yeah So i love the mission, whats new? I love christmas! I think I am going to be a professional white elephant giver when I grow up. We are doing a white elephant in the zone today and I just had too much fun putting together our christmas presents! They put it for a 5 sole min and we didnt want to buy anything so I found a big jar of salva trigo  and put 5 soles in the lid and taped a picture over it. Hahah i hope no one ever looks there and one day a year into the future someone is  going to find it! Also we found our can of corn and taped coins and pictures of the zone and reandom people all over it. Its really great. 

Well I love you all so much; I love the Gospel so much, I and just full of love and happy warm things thanks to this beautiful gospel and this beautiful time of year!
WIth Love from Lima 
Hermana Scarlett

White Elephant gift - see the Peso

Find the Peso!