Friday, January 15, 2016

Las Brisas - Week 18

Hermana Deppe and I - Cuy Lunch
December 14, 2015

Wow this week was a good one! I really only rember like 2 things... but theyre really good two things! 

So we have been passing by and following up on a lot of our contacts so we have been knocking alot of doors to find them again. So lots of walking searching and finding. Sometimes I forget that people have lives and school and jobs and that they just arent always in their home waiting for us to knock on their doorall day long. But thats a-ok. We are finding more and more potentials (well really every single person is a potential) but people who are more open, and its just great and fun

Also we had a secret santa noche de hogar with a few members from the barrio- they are the beest! Patricio had my name- he is a mess! He was asking me what I wanted last week but like in a very general way so I wouldnt suspect anything but I kept telling him super ridiculous things like a peruvian dog (thay are so ugly! They have no hair and are black brown and super wrinkly) or a llama or some pizza- just crazy things- So it was his turn and he pullled out this big box and gave it to me and I opened it and there was this little llama key chain at the bottom! Hahah it was so funny! Also I was really excited about the big box too haha. 
Yummy Cuy!!

Cuy Foot - yummy???
Oh and also we ate us some  CUY! Its was kinda like a really smally chicken-but in guinea pig form. And they skin was a little reaky cause it wasnt like chicken skin- it was like animal skin- like guinea pig leather... But the little feet were funny so we all saved the little feet and were gonna make BFF charm braclets with them.

Also we got a magic text from one of our investigators (see photos) . Were still not 100% sure if it is real or just a crazy dream. SO now we are just gonna keep working with all our heart might mind and strength and do everything we can and leave the rest up to the Lord. 

Wonderful text from an investigator - "I'm going to be baptized"
Yeah So i love the mission, whats new? I love christmas! I think I am going to be a professional white elephant giver when I grow up. We are doing a white elephant in the zone today and I just had too much fun putting together our christmas presents! They put it for a 5 sole min and we didnt want to buy anything so I found a big jar of salva trigo  and put 5 soles in the lid and taped a picture over it. Hahah i hope no one ever looks there and one day a year into the future someone is  going to find it! Also we found our can of corn and taped coins and pictures of the zone and reandom people all over it. Its really great. 

Well I love you all so much; I love the Gospel so much, I and just full of love and happy warm things thanks to this beautiful gospel and this beautiful time of year!
WIth Love from Lima 
Hermana Scarlett

White Elephant gift - see the Peso

Find the Peso!

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