Friday, January 15, 2016

Las Brisas - Week 21

New Years Eve with Hermana Flor - our Mission Mom <3
January 4, 2016

Im getting worse and worse about remembering what happens every week. 

We had NEW YEARS!! It was lots of fun. We had permision to stay at Hermana Flors house until  12.20. At 12 the whole sky exploded! It was AWESOMMMEE! We had so much! But then we went home and watch for a bit longer from our roof and then we hit the hay around 1. The next day we had Pday as a zone and went to Larco Mar, which is like the beach. Also it is suuper classy and touristy. It was beautiful and clean and it was almost like I never even left the US! Also we played the game "are they whiter than us?" Where we basically just evesdropped on all the white people we saw to figure out how white they really were, mostly based off their spanish. It was fun, made me feel a bit better about my spanish. Also I met this lovely couple from fort mill and we had a nice chat about the carolinas. 
Larco mar is above the beach so we played sports on the beach for a while and then walked up to larco mar to eat. It was probably the equivalent of walking the great wall of china. There were so many stairs and it was all up hill. And it was about 500 degrees. but the food was good. We had Burger King. Just like the States. 

Also nobody wants to be in Lima during the holidays so almost every single one of our investigators is in some other part of Peru. But that was just a blsessing in disguise casue we are finding alot of really cool people that are interested in our message. But we had two investigators that stayed here. One id Guillermo and the other is Antuonet. Antuonet has classes every sunday from 9 to 12, and gues what time church is at 9 to 12. So thats definately from the adversary. But they are both great and just really want to learn more. 

Also I got my package that mom sent to me about 16 weeks ago! I had to walk all over Magdalena (mostly cause we got lost) looking for the ser post. But then we found a dunkin doughnuts on the way back and shared some with the elders in the offices (cause we had to walk all the way to the serpost and then back to the office to drop off my ID card) We are deinately the coolest hermanas in the mision. Yeah so that was our super jumbled confusing week.
I love the holidays but im glad that they only happen once a year cause they are exhausting and im just ready to get back to a normal schedule. 
I hope this email kinda makes sense. If not, just know that the mision is great and im loving every crazy second of it. The church is true folks! 

With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett
Let's burn trash in the street for New Years!!!
Our Roof Access - scary!!!
Rooftop New Years Eve Pic

Larco Mar Beach
Shops above Larco Mar Beach

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