Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Las Jardines - Week 3

February 16, 2016

F E L I Z   D I A   D E   A M I S T A D ! ! ! 

I hope you all had lovely sundays with your friends and loved ones- but also kept the sabbath day holy! 

Honestly this week I cant remember much of what happened this week... 
The highlight was probably when Brillit finally came to church for all three hours! (We can only count the asistencias for their baptism if they are there for the full three hours- and she was!) Brillit is so great. She has been listening to the missionaries off and on for about a year but has never gone to church. So we started visiting her again and teaching her. A while ago we had a training with Elder Uceda (the area president) and he said that a sucessful missionary will "hacer cosas" -do things- with your investigators. SO thats what we did. We read the Book of Mormon with her, we got her a cute colored pencil to help her mark her scriptures, we have kneeling prayers with her, and this sunday we went by and went to church with her. WEve learned how important the compromisos are for the investigadores but its so much more important to apply the compropisos to ourselves to be examples and friends and to really help the people understand the importance of reading teh scriptures, going to church, and praying daily. Its cool to see how the gospel changes people,and to see the changes that the gospel has made in me- but only when we apply the things we learn, and apply them with faith. 

Also we got locked in internet for like an hour the other day. That was not fun. We had to go for 5 minutes to write our family to tell them thaq twe werent going to email monday and the lady left for some reason and locked the gate so we couldnt leave! That was fun to explain when we finally got to our citas. 

Also in our ward we have a residential crazy lady. Im not really sure if she is a member or just some random lady. But she is there every sunday adn doesnt go to any classes- just sits in the sacramental for 3 hours. So this sunday we went in to the sacramental cause we forgot a paper in there and a joven gave me a coin (like 20 cents) and told me that it was from the crazy lady and that I should give it to the bishop. SO we took it and went to find someone to give it to, but then she found us and started yelling at us and told us that that money belonged on the pulpit, and like crossed me with her hand (yeah- i guess she want a member..) and told us that we needed to kneel down and repent. She was crazy... and a little scary too... But shes a daughter of God nonetheles.... 
Also they put me incharge of a specail musical number for the zone for the multizona conferencia- why? I dont know. Nunca jamas. I thought it would be easy- but then I realized that I was working with just a bunch of elders. Asu machina. enserio- nuca jamas. But it turned out good. 

This week was the best- every week is so great. The gospel brings happiness and love and hope and joy and every other good thing that you can think of. Its perfect and its for everyone! 
Love you all so much- I miss ya, but theres no place id rather be right now than in the mision! 
Les quiero!
With Love from Lima 
Hermana Scarlett 

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