Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Las Jardines - Week 4

February 22, 2016
Alexandra on her baptism day!

Well this week was a good one! I dont remember a whoole lot about what happened but I do remember a few things....

1. Hna moffett gave herself a nice little bruise on her face. Here in the mornings we have 30 minutes to excercise. 6:30-7:00 am. But the thing is sometimes its really hard to jump out of bed an get goin on ejercicios, so we have learned a lot of excercises that you can just do laying on the ground! One of them we made up. You take a biiig waterbottle full of water and you kinda bench press it (super easy) but hermana moffett wanted to try something different- so she started throwing it and catching it, throwing it and catching it- higher and higher.... but then she threw it adn she didnt catch it! It fell on her faceee! Oh my word, thats the last time were doing that one. But she had herself a nice purple mark right on he rcheek. Were putting the bottles away for a bit. 

2. Alexandra got baptized! Shes not an investigator, but her mom was suuuper menos activa for a while and she was recently reactivated. So we visited them alot and Tania (the mom) is just so great. She always jsut tells us how much happier she is with the Gospel in her life and how it has really changed her as a person for the better. They are a really special family and I have really seen how the Gospel isnt just for peopel- but its for families. 

3. We found some really cool people that want to listen to us- AND- they came to church! Im not really sure how it is in other misiones, but here they have to go to church for all three hours to count as one asistencia, and to get baptized they need to go three sundays for all three hours. Here our church starts later so the third hour cuts riiight into almuerzo, and here almuerzo is sacred. SO really if someone comes and stays for all three hours theyre special. We didnt have anyone going to church when i came, so we were really kinda starting from ground 0. But poco a poco we have been seeing the fruits of our labors and have been having more and more imvestigators coming for all three hours of church. Its hard, but nothing easy was ever worth it in the long run. 

Also this past 5 weeks we have been having a competition with the elders in the district to see who could have the most invitaciones con fecha. And guess who won..... WEEE DIIID!  So we all went to toritos and they had to pay for our food (suuper yummy mexican food). But also there were tons of blessing that we got from the contest- not just the yummy food!

Well, I really dont remember much else, the mission is great. its hot and hard, but its great nonetheless. 
The church is true, thats one thing I know for sure with all my heart!
Les quiero!
With Love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett 

Early BDay cake from Pres and Hma Larsen - YUMMY

Cute little birdy - until it POOPED on my shoulder :(

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