Sunday, August 2, 2015

CCM - Week 4

We found fried chicken and french fries!!
SO this past week has been a bluuurrr. I really cant remember anything super significant happening before Saturday. Mostly just classes and teaching our progressing investigators. 

Saturday was the day that we went proselyting and it was so crazy. I don't know if I can even begin to explain it to you. But I will try! So we were assigned to go proselyte in the Lima East mission, which is where the CCM is but the mission is huge. The area that we went to was soooo humble. We took these giant buses just for the missionaries to get to the capilla (chapel/church) where we would be proselyting. The area where the CCM is considered a pretty nice part of Lima but it still isn't anything like back home. to get to the area we we're going to we were driving on nothing but dirt roads for a while. There were pot holes everywhere and dogs running around and people all over in the street. Also in the hills are teeny tiny houses. We didn't get near them but we could see them from the roads. Its cool when you first look at it, but the area is so poor and humble. They carry their water all the way up to the hills and its just so humble. Its hard to explain. 

Peruvian Grocery Store
We finally get to the the capilla and were assigned to some hermanas. Hna Anderson and I were with an Hna from Canada (Sloan) who had been out for 9 months and an hermana that just left the CCM 10 days before. We did some street contacting for just a little bit of time and then we started knocking some doors. Ok, I'm going to say it again, this area was sosooo humble. People were living in little cardboard lean-to's. We went into a house to talk to a less active member and their house was literally just a  room carved into a stone wall. The area was called Chicalyo (i think that's how you spell it if you want to look it up). Its not the same as Chiclyao (the mission). Anyways we talked to a bunch of people and just got information for the elders in the area. We taught a few mini lessons and just bore our testimonies a lot and handed out a lot of pass along cards. It was definitely an eyeopener. But it was amazing because everyone we talked to was willing to listen to us and wanted to learn more. The people here are so receptive to the Gospel its amazing. Probably because it is so true and life changing and the Peruvian people are so sweet and humble. The perfect combination! Anyways I think I've learned that I will probably never be able to express everything I've seen and felt. SO hard so this is just gonna have to suffice for now!

African Pants in honor of Elder Dawson!
Sunday was great. Sundays are always great. They don't assign people to speak here, the branch pres just calls on 4 people every Sunday to speak, todo en espanol. Its pretty intense! Haha but its good because we all have to prepare talks in Spanish so it helps a lot with learning the language. So far I haven't had to speak (my talks are bomb though) now I just have to survive two more Sundays! Also Sundays we get to watch movies! My favorite so far has been Legacy. We got a kick outta that one. This Sunday we watched Meet The Mormons and 17 Miracles (did you know 17 was just a random number that they picked???) so great! Also Monday is when the groups ahead of us left for their missions so it is tradition on Sunday night to all get together (hermanas) in the dorm halls and sing hymns. Its super cool.

Also if I had not said it before, my district is so amazing. I would definitely be a mess if it wasn't for them. We are like a crazy family!

Yesterday was pretty cool. SO our progressing investigator was named Ana and when we are done teaching them our teachers (who play the investigators) tell us their stories. So this one was super special. Hna. Altamirano (our morning teacher) told us that Ana's story was her story, her middle name is Ana. She was playing herself when the missionaries came and taught her back in 2008. It was so tender. She told us that when we were teaching her that sometimes we would say exactly the same things the missionaries taught her before said. It was cool because sometime when we were teaching her she would just give us big hugs and tell us how much she appreciated what we said and we were like wow, OK, shes really playing the part of the investigator... but it was her the whole time! It was special.

There are cats everywhere!!!!!
Also cool thing that happened yesterday.  So its a thing for missionaries to hide things in the ceiling tiles for other missionaries to find. SO we looked up in our class room and found some stuff! First we found this crazy Santa wand thing and a note. It was from the district that left the day before we got there. The note said that the district that found the note was found worthy to carry on as District Siempre Navidad (Always Christmas). It was so crazy because not 30 mins before me and some other hermanas were talking about how badly we just wanted to sing some Christmas songs! IN the note it said that Christmas songs were to be sung! So crazy! Also we have Elder Noel in our district and the Elders call him Papa Noel! It was meant to be! So great!
OH I almost forgot! Yesterday and today is Peru Independence day! We got some food that was so delicious! Ahhh The food here is so good! Peruvians know how to eat! Our teachers got our district some little flags and we hung them all from the ceiling. There was fun to be had in the CCM that day.
SO really that about sums up my week! I'm learning more and more Spanish, its pretty hard but its also super fun and rewarding! Love you all and miss you tons! 

With Love from Lima,
Hermana Sara Scarlett
P.S. We can only take picture on Pdays so there is a lack of pictures showing exactly how cool Peru is, but here am I and my comp and the cutest temple ever!

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