Friday, August 7, 2015

Last Post from CCM - Week 5

Where in the World is Hermana Scarlett :)
Well this is my last week in the CCM! And in usual celebratory fashion, I got the flu! But the worst was just Saturday now I just have some sort of weird head cold. Its spreading like wildfire here. Too many friendly missionaries shaking hands. 

So this past week has been pretty much the same as every other week. Lots of rice and lots of studying. 

District Papa John;s Lunch!!
One of the CCM managers, Hno. Tello, He freakin loves our district (cause we are the best) and he is always coming to hangout with us and tell us stories about Peru (half of them he makes up). This past week he has been talking a lot about Papa Johns pizza, and he knows how much we love it! SO he put a bug in our ear that we could go on Pday if we asked Pres Gonzales.. so we did! And we went! And it was delicious! No one else really knows you can do that, how unfortunate.
Papa John's - I'm so HAPPY!!
We love Papa John's

Also we were supposed to be emailing at 8am, but Hno Tello switched that for our district cause he thinks were funny or something. It's nice to have a bit of power on your side. Also he has the keys that unlock the ice cream! 

Anyways not much else has happened. 

Next Tuesday I will be headed for the big city, The Lima Central Mission, and I'm so excited! It will be hard leaving the CCM though. 
Lima Central Missionaries leave for the field next week

Its funny cause people always say home is where your heart is and we are starting to catch each other referring to the CCM as home. But it hit me. This is home now!  My heart is in Lima and with all of the people in the CCM. My family is always in my heart but my heart is now in a city that I've really never seen and with people I've yet to meet. SO its going to be hard leaving the CCM, its like saying goodbye to family all over again. But I'm so excited to be going out into the field and meeting new people and learning more about this Gospel and this language as I teach and serve the wonderful little Peruvian people around me!

Oh and my tender mercy of the week: Last night we were watching a live devotional broadcast from Provo to like 6 other MTCs around the world and one of them was Brasil! SO we were singing "Called to Serve" and I was thinking about singing this with thousands of other missionaries all around the world and then it hit me - I was singing with Johnny! So tender, I think my heart just melted. 

Anyways that was my week. It honestly is really fun all the time. We're constantly on the verge of tears from laughing so much in our district. SO its really not as boring as my email make it sound!
Love and miss y'all! This Church is for reals y'all! Este Evangelio es mejor! (This gospel is the best!)  Lots of love from Lima!

Hermana Sara Scarlett

PS - I leave the CCM on Monday or Tuesday and many not be able to email again until the following Monday which will be my regular Pday.  
Our 4th of July Remembrance :)

Musings in my Notebook

More musings :)
Can you tell Papa John's was the highlight this week?!?!

CCM Breakfast - yum....

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