Saturday, August 22, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 1

With Hermana Linares, my trainer =)

Before I forget, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EMAILS!!!  I have very limited time on the computer to write emails so I can't return/respond everyone's emails but please know how much I love getting them and hearing from y'all. Thank you so much!

The coast in the middle of winter!
Well I'm here en el campo (the field)! I'm in an area on the coast called Las Brisas. Its really called a sector and it is pretty tiny. Also its a pretty humble area... well in places. My first week has been great which kinda freaks me out a bit because it is supposed to be really hard (no?) Maybe I am still in shock, who knows. My trainer is Hermana Linares. She is from Columbia and speaks only a bit of English, but I love her so much and she is helping me to learn so much Spanish and about this Gospel. This week we visited lots of people and it was a little hard the first couple days because I did not know the people, not because I did not know the language cause I know that will come with much time and muuuch prayer. But I have really gotten to know some of the people and they are all so loving and welcoming! Yesterday was my first day in the barrio (ward or local congregation) and I loved it! So many people there reminded me of the people in the barrio at home! 

View outside our window
Our little kitchen
I was a little shocked my first couple days because everything was just sooo so different. My apartment is very very basic. It could probably fit inside my bedroom at home. But its fun and it gets the job done. Also two steps away is the apartment of some other Hermanas and they are so fun and they make yummy food so that's good. The area I am in is pretty nice in some areas- nice to Peru's standards, it pretty basic living to the USA - and some areas are very poor. But all the people are so lovely. Also its a little hard being a gringa (american) here cause latino men are always whistling at me and cat calling and saying things, its awkward. 

Graffiti on building in our area
My district is pretty cool, I don't really know them that well yet but I'm sure I will have so much fun with them. It was really hard leaving my first district in the CCM because they were like family cause we saw each other 24-7. I don't think I will have that same relationship with my other districts, but I hope I do because they really impacted me for the best. Friends forever! 

We have an Institute building in our area - this is where bible and doctrine classes are taught to members and others who enroll.  In the building there is a Family History Center open to the public.  There are computers and other resources available to people who are working on their genealogy.  Part of working in our area is working in the FHC one evening a week helping whoever comes in with their own family history research - wish I'd paid more attention to Mom and Grandma when they worked on ours.Anyway, I'm excited to learn about it now and work on the Scarlett line of my family history!

Oh, I love President Larson and his wife so much! They are so are kind and loving. We are their first batch of missionaries here so they are gonna love us super much and us them! They arrived in Lima the first part of July and will serve here for three years.

From a member who's also a chef :)
Food - I think I have eaten more rice this week than I ever had in my entire life combined. I now understand why lunch is the big meal of the day. Its because they really don't eat other meals. They just eat it all at once during lunch. Seriously so much rice, chicken, and papas (potatoes). But good thing I like to eat and good thing this is a walking mission or else I will come home faaaat, I still may. Fingers crossed I won't!

Haha also funny story. A young man in the barrio proposed to me during a Family Home Evening. It was really funny - he got down on one knee and took off his ring and pointed at it and then pointed at me. Haha I said "Nunca (Never)!" Haha - but its kinda a joke, he does that with all the gringas. Also we have a pretty cool handshake. 

So my fisrt week has been pretty great! I'm so excited to be here and be with these lovely little Peruvian people and share this perfect gospel! Miss you all bunches!

-With love from Lima, 
Hermana Scarlett
The other hermanas and us at the coast.

I love Hermana Linares!!

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