Thursday, October 29, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 7

September 28, 2015

I'm not sure if I'm gonna do a play by play of every day cause there is just so much and it takes forrrever to write! 

So I'll just talk about some of the things that happened. Ya

Las Hermanas on a very little bus!
We are teaching this lady named Carmen right now. She is the mom of Willy. We visit her a lot and she always wants to listen and has good questions. She already knows a lot cause she is an old investigator and has family in the church. The only thing is she lives with her Boyfriend and he works all day so we haven't really had time to talk to him and she hasn't either. But she is great, super sweet. She also has a little grandson- Ansel (I think its spelled differently but that's how it is pronounced) and he is so stinkin cuuute! He is in 4th grade and one day he was just watching us talk with Carmen and we invited him over and he read some scriptures with us and then we taught him how to pray and he said the closing prayer. And then our next visit he told us about how he went to church during the week and what he learned, and that he taught his brother how to pray too! HE is the sweetest. SO we are gonna try and talk to his parents too!

We met with our other investigator, Luis, a few times this week too. Its been a while since we talked to him cause he is always working or in school or with his dad. But we talked to him about his baptism and he wants to be baptized! Also him mom (Elizabeth) is so sweet and supportive of him. Also she was telling us how she is never going to forget us and we will always have a specail place in her heart. That was tender. They are great

Johnny is our other investigator. He has such a strong testimony and is ready for baptism, the only thing is that he wants to share it with his family, but he doesnt live with them so were trying to figure out his fecha (date) with him. Yeah but he is pretty solid and soooo sincere about everything. Hes super.. Just gotta work out the logistics with him. 

Ok so for the funny awkward moments of the week....
1. so there is a plentitude of creepy guys here and sometimes they walk by and like say things under their breath at me. SO yesterday we were walking and this guy walked by and I thought i heard him say "Gringa" so I was like yep you're right. Hashah but then my comp was like nooo he was saying liiinda (pretty)! Ok awkward.
2. We were visiting with Katy an someone knocked on the door and she opened it and it was the testigos! We made eyecontact and it was awkward and they talked to katy for a minute and then they left. They are everywhere here...
3. Hahah Hermana Linares really likes beyonce and sometimes she sings the songs but she doesn't say real words. But then I figured out she was singing DIVA: (A diva is a female version of a hussler) haha i died laughing, and then I taught her reallly how to sing it. Straight thuggin it in the streets of Lima. 

Ok now for my little spiritual moment!
I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! Woot woot! I was just readin readin readin and then I turned the page and there was no more words. I just kinda looked at it for a minute and then started to crrryy. I didn't want it to be over! But now I'm going to start it in Spanish. You guys need to read it. Its a pretty good book. Seriously. But now I'm gonna start reading it in SPanish. Yall it is soo sooo true and so perfect. I have such a strong ttestimony of that and I just want everyone to read it and feel and know how perfect it is for every single person. I love the Book of Mormon. 
Yeah well I love you all so much and you are in my prayers!
With Love from Lima 
-Hermana Scarlett

These are pictures of some historic old buildings in part of LIma - they are super cool!

KFC in a fancy building :)

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