Thursday, October 29, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 6

September 21, 2015

Monday: P-Day! Hollah. SO this pday was just my comp and I and the hermanas that live next to us and a member (Jackie-she is like 23 and super funny) went to a mall in Jesus Maria and it was so nice! Inside the mall it was HUUUGGEE, like 5 floors above the entrance and 3 floors below, but It was not as spread out so I think they built up and down for space. But everything inside was so clean and shiny and there was american things! We ate at TGI Fridays and i had a yummy delicious cheeseburger. Then we went to Forever 21! Yeah they have that here (mom you would be so proud of me- i only got one thing I NEEDED (a sweater..))  Then we did normal pday things like cleaning and shopping. That evening a lot of our citas (appointments) fell through, but we had a noche de hogar with one of the families in the barrio. They have 2 daughters and they ar like 11 and 15 and are so funny and are always talking to me and asking questions about english! But the NH was great and they want to have another one and invite alll of our investigators to it! 

Tuesday: We had lots of studying (as always), we visited with a few people and then we had a cita with our Investigator Nilo. I figured out what he does! He is a Huachiman (like a guard or watchman) for these weird dirt things they have here. I'll take a picture and send it next week. But yeah so we always teach him in the street where he works and so we taught him the Plan of Salvation! So good! He always has a lot of questions which is great and I can understand him so much better now so I can help answer his questions. But its a little difficult cause he does not live in our sector (area) and is in a boundries for another barrio (ward or congregation) and hasn't gone to church yet. Poco a pocca con el! (Little by little with him!)

Wednesday: I had my first intercambio! (exchanges - two sets of missionary switch companions for 24-36 hours) I went with Hermana Mackey (she is going home tuesday). She is so stinkin funny! We had to wait in her room for like an hour or 2 because we had no power and they were fixing it. But it was good cause I just need some time to talk to someone (in english) and ask questions and yeah, it was good I dont know how to explain it haha. Yeah so we visited a few people in her sector and while we were waiting for someone this mom and her son came up to us and told us to be careful cause there was a thief out (it was like 7 and dark). So they left and then we saw the police come with their lights and then the mom and the son running from that directions so we booked it out of that area. Also apparently there was an earthquake in chile (8.5?) and there was supposed to be a tsunami in Lima that night. Haha we were right on the coast, no tsunami! 

Thursday: We were going back to my sector in a taxi and I had all my stuff sitting on my lap and the door of the taxi flew open! It was a little rinky dink thing and I thought I was gonna diiie! But I slammed it shut real quick. That was fun. That day we had an appointment with Carmen and Willy (Carmen is the mom of willy- a recent convert, but not super recent) Carmen is so sweet and pretty much has a testimony, but she lives with her novio (boyfriend) so that is a little tricky. But she is the sweetest and just wants peace and love and all good things in her life, for her family, and for the whole wide world! THIS GOSPEL CAN DO THAT FOR YOOUUU! Yeah shes great. Then we went to IRU (the institute building) and did some historia familiar. We also got to star in a little video some member is making about institute and historia familiar. It was fun but I know I looked a little rough so I will be ok if i never get to see the completed video. 

Friday: We had a cita with Johnny- he is our investigator and his baptism date is for this Saturday! He is great cause he actually reads the folletos (pamphlets) that we give him and then he can pretty much explain to us what they are about! He's great, but sometimes he has a hard time with the dia de reposo (Day of Rest or Sabbath Day) because he can't just leave his work, so he is working to change it so he can. Then we went to the capillia (chapel/church building) and did some service. We ended up cleaning the church. I mopped all the floors and then outside.. the concrete here is a little funny cause its really smooth and a little slick. But it was shining when I was done! Then the RS had made picarones for everyone (they are kinda like fried doughnut things) they are sooooo goood!! Then we had our Missionary correlation meeting and planned for our people that we are teaching. 

Saturaday- Working and walking. We met with a less active family (Family Benavidez) and talked with them. They are the sweetest little family ever and they're daughters are so fun! Every time we go to visit with them it always turns into a little testimony meeting and the spirit is always so strong! But then they don't go to church. But they travel alot and have weird work scheduals or something. Ahhhh, sometimes that is just the most frustrating thing ever. We also had a noche de hogar with a member and Johnny. It was good and he shared about how he felt for his baptism (He said he knew it was the right thing to do and was ready!) Yeahhh! 

Sunday: We had ward conference - So good! Then for the second hour We had to teach the gospel principles class! I was nervous at first but then I just decided not to be nervous and go for it. But it was fun and good, and also I had taught that lesson before! (It was developing your talents). After church we had lunch with Hermana Flor, and also it was her birthday so it was lots of fun! After that we had our studies, and visited a few people, but no one had time so we just got citas for the proximo semana (next week) and then we had a noche de hogar with H. Flor! Haha she is they best and she always makes sure to personally invite a bunch of people! Also this night I made some real yummy food, but it was a little tricky! I wanted to make like those empanada thingies from girls camp (biscuit dough with chocolate chips, little caramels, marshmallows, bananas inside and then fried) but we didn't have any of those ingredients! SO I improvised! I made flour dough stuff and mushed it around with my hands until it was mushy gushy and then I cut up a chocolate bar (no choco chips here) and then we forgot regular bananas but we had baby bananas so I used those, then I couldn't find caramels so I bought some alfajores and "peeled" them and used the duce de leche (but it turns out you can just buy dulce de leche by itself..) and then we had marshmallows but I forgot to use them. But yeah i swaddled the goodies in the dough and fried em up and they were delicious! 


OK yeah I'm almost out of time, I hope you enjoyed my novel. 
Happy Birthday Mamacita!
Love you all so much! The church is so so so true and this Gospel is for everyone cause Christ lived and died for every single son and daughter of God. The Book of Mormon is my favorite book ever and has changed my life so much for the better. Read it. Learn from it. Love it!

Hugs and kisses por todos!
With Love from Lima 
-Hermana Scarlett

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