Thursday, October 29, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 5

September 14, 2015

This week was an interesting one...

Monday: For pday we had an activity with all the hermanas (sister missionaries) in the mission (there is maybe like 50 hermanas and 150 elders) It was fun, we played games and ate food and I got to see Hermana Anderson and catch up with her! I love her guts! Then we were supposed to eat surri as a zone but we ended up not doing it cause the only surri they could find was fresh out of a cocoon and had wings. Hard pass on that one. But the elders tried to make no bake cookies but added to much milk so we all just ate gooey brown chocolaty globs, It was pretty good! We had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with a family from the ward and they invited two friends that they thought would be interested in the gospel. SO we did a little lesson on the Restoration with the video and now we have appointments with them later this week! Then after that we went to a panaderia (bakery/grocery) to get some food and there was this creepy guy there and he just kept telling us how he was looking for a wife.... so we just invited him to church and told him there were all kinds of people there and left real quick! 

Tuesday- Not much happened Tuesday. We met with Luis (the son of Elizabeth) its hard to meet with him because he is in class all day or with his dad in the night. But we talked with him just for a bit cause he had t o leave for his classes. Then we met with Segundo. OK so I'm pretty sure I was misinformed.... He has ANEMIA not >LEUKEMIA. I feel much better now. I just kept thinking that he was going to die any moment or something. But no he's doing just fine. Then we had our English classes at 7, those are always fun. I taught my companion the skittles game so now we play that game all the time (but with peruvian m&ms) so we played it after the class and had a good laugh. 

Wednesday: We met with this little grandma names Rosa. She can't really go to church much anymore because she can't walk well. That's tough because you have to walk to church cause a lot of people don't have cars. So if they are older a lot of them just can't go. Yeah she is sweet, we read her a story from the Liahona and just talked with her for a bit. We had a meeting with our investigator NiIlo (the one that works in his car) He is funny, cause before we started teaching him he said his family was catholic but they didn't really attend church, but they are catholic. But then all of a sudden when we are teaching him, he is super catholic, but he is also reading all the folletos (pamphlets) and he always has tons of questions and is wanting to learn more, but then he always says yeah but I'm catholic. We'll see about that... yeah but while we were teaching him some drunk guy came up to us and started talking about the united states and Joseph Smith and was pointing at me and saying who knows what. SO we just gave him the restoration folleto and he teetered away. 

Thursday was really interesting. It involved an old naked lady, and some poop in the streets. But they are not related. SO we went with H. Norma (The rs president) to visit a family that was less active. We went to their house and found out that just the grandma (Estella) lived there alone. And so they are talking talking talking, and I am trying to understand the conversation and then next thing I know they tell me that we are gonna give her a bath. Um Whaaattt... Yeah so we gave her a bath... And then we cleaned her room cause there was dirt and mud all over the floor and spiders on the ceiling so we cleaned a bit. Then after her bath I was helping her and I was thinking this is so bizarre. But then I was helping her clean/dry her feet kinda reluctantly cause they were a bit gross, but then I thought about Christ and how he washed the feet of his disciples and How for these 18 months I am a representative of Christ. SO I forgot myself, remembered Christ, and got to work. She really was a sweet little grandma. SO peruvian, with little braids, and a little colorful hat and big magnifying glasses. 
After that we were walking in the street and I saw some child using the bathroom in the street! What!!!! There is a ton of caca (poop) in the streets from the dogs, but now I'm really questioning everything... 

Friday, we visited with Johnny and it turns out that he doesn't need to get married because him and the mujer (woman) are totally separate and independent, not living together! We had been telling him that he has to get married with her! Hahah that was funny, we were all confused cause he wasn't really sure why he needed to marry her (other than marriage is a commandment!) Yeah so his baptism date is for this weekend now! Friday we also visited with a member who has some family that are not members and we were trying to find out where they lived. Anyways we got their direction and then her little son came out and he is just the cutest little thing I ever did see. He had a bottle of stuff (like a syrup bottle) AND IT IS THIS STUFF KINDA LIKE SYRUP, HONEY, AND CHOCOLATE, AND HE WAS JUST STRAIGHT CHUGGIN IT FROM THE BOTTLE. TOOOOOO FUNNY. 

Saturday most of our appointments fell through: we had one meeting with Elisa and Jose Manuel (he's the one that sang during a lesson) anyways they have so much love for Peru and they always ask if we have visited Cuzco yet or Arequipa, or Iquitos, or a bunch of places in Lima and we always tell them no - we can leave the mission boundaries. Haha so Jose said the opening prayer and he prayed that we would visit... and started to list alllll the different cool parts of Peru. And he called us "the one from North America" and "the one from Colombia" also they call me Hermana Gringa...(Sister American in slang) Those appointments are always interesting with them. But yeah Elisa still can't go to church cause she is a little sickly. They also don't have money so its a little tricky with them cause they always ask if we can help them and there really isn't anything we can do for them money wise. Yeah so then we were in the institute building and did historia familiar and then we went home. 

Sundays are always good. We had church and then after that we had lunch with a member, Hermano Chileano - we had these stuffed peppers, rice and beans. Its always exciting when we have beans cause people don't normally eat them here much. He told us the peppers were spicy, especially the tops, so to be careful. But I was eating it and it just tasted normal to me, maybe just a liiitle bit spicy. SO Then I figured he must have been mistaken so I popped the top in my mouth. I ate it and swallowed it and nothing happened. But then something did happen. My mouth was buuuurining! It was so hot it felt cold. I said a little prayer that I wouldn't die and then ate some rice and potatoes real quick to help. It helped a bit, and somehow I survived. Haha but it was good! Also they have this dessert here called turron (I'm not sure how to spell it) but it is so yummy. all the food here is yummy. After lunch we visited with Jananthy, she is a recent convert. And we helped her with a project for her daughter's class. It was fun and she is so funny and her little daughter is a nut! Yeah then after that not a lot of people had time so we just had a few short visits and got some appointments for this next week. 

This week I made it to 3 Nephi and have been studying the teachings of Christ to the people of the Americas! If everyone could just read the Book of Mormon that would be just great, cause this book helps me in literally every part of my life. It was a little intimidating to first pick it up and start reading, but now I never want to put it down and I'm getting a little sad - I'm almost finished reading it. This book is the truest book in the history of forever and I don't really know how to express how much it has helped and changed me. This church is true y'all!  Lo quiero mucchisimo! (I love it so very much!!!!!)

With Love from Lima 
Hermana Scarlett

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