Thursday, October 29, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 9

October 12, 2015

Hmmm this week. 

Well we are working with a new investigator, Lilia. She is a fun little lady. She really likes to talk, but that's fun. The people here are always talking and will tell you their whole life story and all of their problems and whats going on with their dog, and neighbors, and chisme (gossip), and everything in between if you let them. Its fun, I learn new things every day. But yeah, Lilia is great and wants to learn more about the church, yay! 

SO we are working more with contacting and in our zone meeting wednesday we had like 5 minutes to go out in the street and contact. SO we went and we talked to this lady and she was real sweet and was just talkin talkin talkin! SO we told he about the church and got her datos (digits, phone number) but then she started talking about her son (after she asked how old I was..) and she kept saying that ¨El es muy Churrrro¨, ¨´Churrrrisimo!¨ haha Churro is a food and it also means like reaaly good looking or handsome. She was really trying to set me up with her son! Que pena (How embarrassing)...

Also I learned a thing or two from a reeealy less active member we found this week. First I learned that we (as members) need to always remember that people are watching us. People notice our actions, good and bad. This man stopped going to church because he saw members not living in accordance to their baptismal covenants and not living in a Christlike way. I saw this as an invitation for us members to always strive to be better and strive to be a Christlike example. Also the second thing I learned from him was about all the secret combinations of the united states.... he was a bit anti-United States. It was funny cause he pulled out a dollar bill with all kinds of notes and things circled and dotted lines and a national geographic magazine about mysteries or something like that. He told me all about Obama and the Masons and a bunch of other stuff. That was a fun time. 

Also this week was super for Luis! He went to a JAS (Young Single Adult) dance and made some friends, went to church, and we had a suuuper great noche de hogar with them and a bunch of members from the ward. OH man its great for him, he needed support and friends from the church, so so important! Also his mom, Elizabeth, she is doing great also. But seriously I can't express how important it is to have support from the members. Really if investigators don't have the support and fellowship from the members its super hard for them to stay active cause they are really stepping into a new world and its scary. But the members here have been great. 

Also this sunday was the Primary program and it was just too dang cute!  And just like home, there was the little rascals that shouted the words and it was just too good. Also 3 of our investigators were at church, some menos activos, and like 2 new people that are intrested was just there, so were gonna follow up with them this week! 

Yeah this church is true y´all! Learn it, live it, love it. It will change your lives! 

With love from Lima
con mucho amor
-Hermana Scarlett

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