Friday, December 11, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 12

November 2, 2015

Bienvenidos a la carta de Hermana Scarlett 

Hello all, this week was interesting and great as always. 
It rained!!!!
Actually it was a fine mist but for Lima, it was a real monsoon.
And no, I'm not standingon anything, I'm just a giant here!
I discovered (and and tasted) Parts of a chicken that I never knew existed before. By the end of the mission im gonna have the anatomy of the chicken down pat. I had chicken heart in my soup one day, and some other rubbery part of a chicken another day... im not quite sure what part it was but it was pretty interesting in taste and in how it looked. 

Ok so a ton happened this week so its possible that this email will end up being a novel.... lo siento

So this week one of our investigators passed away. It was super sad and we were pretty much in shock. We knocked on her (Elisa) door and her son answered and we asked how he was and he just said that he was not good cause his mom had passed away. She was a little sick before but she was getting better but then about 3 weeks ago she had a bad heart attack and then sunday she passed away. We went by later with a miembro to give her son a blessing of comfort and then we talked with him about where she is now. He knows and we know that she is ok, and he said how glad he was that right now she is still listening to the Gospel and that he can feel her love still. It was tender, but it was hard for all of us. But we know that she is in a much better place now. 

This week we visited Johnny more. He is super ready for baptism and had his entrevista and has a testimonio and has completely stopped drinking, but his fecha fell again cause he didnt come to church this sunday! So frustrating! ANd he is reading the Libro de Mormon and that is the hardest thing to get people to do! Soooo close with him! BUt hes great and he can do it. Its al about the faith and the work. 

Also H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ! ! ! Here there is some other holiday (Like some kind of music festival day) and they people do nothing for halloween! Actually a school was protesting halloween, they were in the streets shouting and singing anti hallowen songs and handing out fliers and they had some old lady like singing and praying into a mic and there were massive speakers that they were just pushing down the streets. But for halloween we bought a bag of candies and went out and contacted people and gave the kids candies and the parents pass along cards! It was lots of fun and we found a few people that are intrested in hearing more! 

Sunday we had a pleasant surprise when one of our new investigators showed up to church! His name is RIcardo and he lives with his wife and 2 sons (they are like grown) but we just had one lesson with them about a week ago and they said they were really sure when we could come back and teach them again because they are busy alot (sometimes when people say this they just dont want us to come back) but we called him a few times during the week to try and get a cita, but nothing. BUt then he was in the Capillia sunday and he stayed all therr hours and really enjoyed it, and participated in all the classes. SUuuper great!
Lima Peru Temple

Haha this is a bit funny, so we got a reference from the offices for us to contact. So we went and we found the house and rang the bell and we were waiting and waiting and then guess who came to the door... None other than our- a little bit too friendly- neighborhood borracho! But it was funny cause he did not recognize or remember us from the past two times he saw us (But i mean he was pretty plastered then...) but yeah so we have a cita to go back and teach him another day. Hahah but its funny cause he already has the first two folletos from when we saw him in his state of drunkeness, he just doesnt remember. 

Oh also this week we had pday on thursday because thursday we went to the TEEMMMPLEE! I love the temple. I love the temple. I love the tempe. Its the best place on earth. It was great, but like x12348990. You should all just go to the temple. Go and feel the calm and peace, the love of our Heavenly Father and to receive the blessings that HE has in store for all of us. 

Well that all folks- not really there is like 5082395 other things that happened this week but im a bit lazy (probably cause im getting fat)- Ill save all the really good stories for later ( like for 14 months later cause YO CUMPLÍ 4 MESES! but it feels like a lot longer that that- and a lot shorter at the same time. Its weird..) 

 Anyways I Love this quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard and its something that i've thought alot about this week because it is true. THis Gospel is for everyone- for everyone who has the desire to follow in Christ's footsteps, not just for this life but for the eternities. "Because I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He loves me, I find the courage to repent and to strive to be what He would want me to be. I know this knowledge can do the same for you, if you want it to- now, and forever"

With Love From Lima 

-Hermana Scarlett

A procession in the street for a Catholic Saint

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