Friday, December 11, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 14

November 16, 2015

Well this week was just full of ups and downs, but it was great as always. 

One of our investigators that was just sooo ready for baptism (Johnny) told us that he didnt want to be baptized now- "mas adelante mas adelante " is what he kept telling us. ALso he didn't want us to visit him anymore, he said he'd tell us when we could come back... That was hard. But everyone has their agency, its a blessing but its also a frustration sometimes! But we have done all that we could and he has a testimony so now all that we can do is leave it up to him and God. Its hard for all of us but we can all learn from it. 

But where there are hard times and disappointments there are always miracles and blessings. This week we have been working with on of our new investigators and he is GOLDEN! His name is Hans (like from Frozen) and he is just the coolest guy ever. He reads whatever we give him, he just goes to church and all the activities and we dont even have to remind him- haha he actually reminds us of our lessons and appointments that we have with him! Hes just a star- were also secretly trying to marry him off with one of the girls in our ward! Hahah but first he needs to be baptized and he accepted su fecha bautismal! I hear wedding bells ringing in the distance!

Our prize for making so many contacts this week!
This week we contacted 98 people and I just love contacting people! Sometimes its awkward cause they try and kiss us and we end up playing dodge face and just showing our hands at them for them to shake. We also had one contact and it was this older lady that is always in the park and we talked with her for a bit and we shared our purpose as missionaries and then we invited he to be baptized! But she was funny cause she was this little thing and she was looking up at us with her neck bent at a 90´ angle and when we were talking about baptism she just started furiously shaking her head! "Si baptismo! SI Baptismo!" and so we invited her to be baptized in the mismo manera de Jesucristo and she was like yes yes! I am going to baptized in the river! I am going to go to Jerusalem and be baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist! Haha she was pretty excited about it and was running around saying she was going to go to Jerusalem to be baptized! I think she may have been a little crazy but she was sweet and we had a good laugh! Contacting is the best. 

This week we also had a talent show, which was more stressful than I could ever express. I know my mom always said that I was a really bad procrastinator, but I got nothing on Peruvians. It went a little something like this... SUrprise today is the day on the talent show and you need to be in a skit with your barrio, and your zone and have a special musical number prepared!.... Santa vaca. But somehow a miracle happened and it all went smoothly and it was funny and great. But there was about an hour or two in there where I seriously contemplated chugging some nasty peruvian water so I could just be sick in bed and not have to worry about the show! But it turned out super good! 

Me and my compy on Cerro san Cristobal
TOday for Pday we went to Cerro San Cristobal which is this giant hill where you can see like all of lima from. We took a buss up there and it was double decker so we sat up top! It was super cool but it is also kinda sad. In the Cerros is where the super poor and humble people live, also its kinda dangerous. But Lima is beautiful- and foggy. and Peruvians are the best. And it was fun! Haha also we met in the Centro de Lima with the district and there were so many asian people with selfie sticks. I just walked around and took pictures of them when everyone else was talking pictures of all the cool buildings and stuff! Great time!  ALso I forgot like 60% of what else happened this week so sorry about that. But rest assured, I am working my fanny off every day and I love it! 

This work is great and this Gospel is perfect! 

With Love from Lima 
-Hermana Scarlett 

On Double Decker Tour Bus
Our Zone on top of  Cerro san Cristobal

Foggy view from the top

So many Asians with self-sticks!!!

Another Asian with a selfie stick :)

Policeman with big guns - hahaha!

Getting ready to go up Cerro San Cristobal

Houses on the side of the Mountain

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