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Las Brisas - Week 13

November 9, 2015

Welllll this week I had my first cambio! Well this is actually my third cambio but it was my first cambio with cambios. Hermana Linares left me and is not an hermana capacitadora in another zone and I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Deppe and she is from Atlanta Georgia! Shes not from Utah!..... not that there is anything wrong with people from Utah.... there's just a lot of them... Hahah anyways shes great, super sweet, super funny, and we are already just two peas in a pod! 

Me and my new companion - Hermana Deppe from Georgia!
I was super nervous about the cambios because I was going to have to show the ropes to someone else while learning the ropes at the same time! But cambios are a blessing. Its hard to change companions and sometimes sectors but its just another way that we have to learn and grow in the mission. Something that I learned was that I know a lot more than I thought I did! I can speak better spanish than I thought I could, I can navigate the streets better than I thought I could, and I can rely on the Lord better than I thought I could. 

So this week was super chevre. Nothing super special or crazy happened, but it was great. I may have said this before but we have a meta from President to contact at least 15 personas cada día. Before that was super crazy and I had no idea how in the world we were going to lograr este meta! But I loooove contacting! Before I was always nervous because the people might say "no" so it was hard to feel motivated a hacerlo. But really one of three things happens with every contact. 
1. "No thanks" and keep walking. 
2. They are crazy and do something super strange or weird (sometimes a bit rude) 
3. They want to learn more! 

There are so many tiny milagros y bendiciones that we are seeing from this meta. We are finding more and more people to teach (our mission is the smallest in the world- if the roads werent so crazy it would take about 20 minutes to drive from one end to the other- buuut there are about 11 million people living here) we are so much more excited and animated, my confidence is growing so much, and President pormised us that when we are working in this meta our investigators would progress mas rapido! SO. MANY. BLESSINGS. FROM. OBEDIENCE. 

Also we are planning the baptism for our investigador, Johnny, this saturday! Johnny es lo maximo! We passed by his house one day to sacar una cita, and he opened the door and he had all of the folletos in his hands! He said said he was just about to eat lunch and read them all again! Hes the best, lots of prayers for him and that all goes well for saturday!

Also there is a stake activity this saturday and im freaking out a bit. We (like half of my zone) are doing some skit and for some reason I have like one of the main speaking parts! Why? I dont really know cause I know like the least spanish out of almost everyone in the zone! I think its cause they think I am funny or something. Im not really sure why. But yeah now I have to learn lines and how to improvise in spanish, wish me luck.. or maybe you should just pray for me.

Eating Yummy burgers!!!!
So as usual, there was like 293057 other things that happened but I dont remember them right now. Oh wait! I remembered something... this sunday I had to conduct the music during the first hour.. I dodnt like that. I dont know how to conduct music! Haha also it was a surprise. We were just sitting in the pew and i wasnt paying attention and then my comp elbowed me and said they they said my name and that I had to conduct the music, and I guess i was just a bit slow to realize what she was saying and to get up there to conduct so our piano guy just started to play and I like ran up to the front and just started waving my arm around! I literally was just spelling my name with mmy hand.... Haha but then during the talk I was studying in the back of the himnario how to conduct. So by the last song I was practically a pro. 

Yeah so thats it. love you all, miss ya a bit,, but not too much cause the mission is the best and im working my bum off! Have the best week ever and dont forget to say your prayers, read your scriptures and go to church to receive allll the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for each and every one of us!

les quiero muchisimo! 
With love from Lima💕
Hermana Scarlett

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