Friday, December 11, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 16

November 30, 2015

H A P P Y   L A T E   T H A N K S G I V I N G ! ! !  

I made Hole-in-Ones for Turkey Day!
Here thanksgiving doesnt really exist but they do have apple pie (but its really kinda like applesauce in a pie crust) so we got a slice of apple pie to celebrate... but then I dropped mine on the floor, but it was just a false alarm cause it landed on a plastic part so thanksgiving wasnt ruined!  

But this week was super great!
We found two familias that really want to listen and learn more about the gospel. We contacted a joven in the street one day and then went to find her in her house a few days later and her dad opened the door and let us in and had both his kids come and sit to listen and we explained why we were there and our purpose and how the gospel blesses families and the dad got teary eyed and told us that this is something he wants for his kids. We invited them to church but they were confused sunday morning and thought that we were going to pick them up at 7:45 but church starts at 9 so we went by at 8:45 and nobody was hoome! But were gonna see them again later this week. 

The other family we found is Familia GOnzales and they are young parents and they have two adddoooraabblllee little girls and they just want their kids to have some kind of belief or relationship with God cause they arent really religious at all. But they ar just super great!

ANd also Hans, I dont know where he came from but He is just golden. He has about 245892649857 questions but thats good cause it shows that he is really learning and that he wants to know these things. Hahah also we invited him to IRU to do historia fmailiar but he was there looking for the room where we were and a profesor like told him that class was starting and so he just went into the class and he was like I dont know what happened but I was stuck in that class for like 2 hours! Hahah but he told us he learned alot so no hay problema!

KFC Wrap with hardly anything in it!
Hahah also I learned a bunch or alcohol words this week... What happened was i accidentally ate some kind of alcohol chocolate. I thought is was just like a bonbon with a cherry in the middle but it really had another surprise inside... SO I learned some new alcohol words this week in spanish and I know know that those chocolates werent normal bonbons... But we had a good laugh and I washed my mouth out with some alfajores.
Haha also we were contacting one night and we contacted this guy and we thought for sure he was drunk at first cause all his words were like slurred. But then he was like forgive my spanish Im still learning. Ive never had anyone say that to me before! ALso we told him that we were Peruanas and he believed us! Score! But he was from Brasil (portugese really is like drunk spanish!) And we told him that we were still learning spanish too! Ha! But he believed that we were from Peru! 

ALso I cut hermana Deppes hair! Im practically a professional. I just did all the things that JUlie did to my hair, just the things that looks like I know what I am doing . Fake it till ya make it.. 

Yeah so lots of little miracles, lots of laughs, lots of blessings! Man I love the mission! 
Love you all so much and you are in my prayers!


My Compy trusted me with scissors and her hair!
love from Lima
Hermana Scarlett

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