Friday, December 11, 2015

Las Brisas - Week 15

November 23, 2015

What do you call a cow with a twitch?  BEEF JERKY! 
a member some how had laffy taffys and shared them wit hme! The jokes are still funny as ever 

Well this week was something else, but great as always!

We have had quite a few meetings this week and last week in the IRU building.I cant really remember what exactly IRU stands for, Instituto de Religion and then some other word that I dont remember. But its really cool cause its like the first of its kind ever in the world! Its basically a huuuuge building that has like seminary classes and mission prep classes and courses about the bible and all kinds of Gospel classes, and of course we have the family history center! But some area leaders and some people came from Salt Lake to see how it is going what we need. Were like the guinea pigs for these centers! They are planning on putting one in Argentina and Brasil I think so they are watching us to see  how it is going. But its great and we have alll kinds of fun activities planned for IRU!
Hermana Deppe watching over me in my sick bed :(

Also this week I was sick :( 
Im not 100% sure what I had but I was basically in bed for like 2 days. But I learned something form this experience, Latinas are crazy! Im not even kidding. If you get sick they will try to get you to do all kinds of weird voodoo crap! 
Well maybe not voodoo, but I was told that I needed to cut an onion in half and sleep with it... in my bed... no thanks.
Also i was told i had to boil a potato cut it in half and put it on my forehead with cucumbers over my eyes... no thats weird... 
Also Hermana Cadima wanted to get a bowl of egg yolks and do like egg yolk acupuncture in my armpits... hard passs
And then there are the pills. They will literally just give you all kinds of pills not knowing what exactly they are or what they do... I just smile and thank them and then toss the pills out. I dont wannna die. 

Las Hermanas, Party Decorators extraordinaire!!!
This week our pensionistas little babe Jeremy turned 1 year old. Also latinas are a little crazy with birthday parties... Her sister flew from spain to go to the party and we helped her get everything together. i have never seen so much candy in my whole entire life. Its ridiculous! But Jeremy is cute... well actually now he scares me cause He like just got his teeth and now he bites everything and he likes to hide under the table while we eat and sometimes he just bites my leg! And it hurts! And my instinct it to just kick him, but Im a missionary and hes a baby so no pasa nada... 

Our investigator Hans is the booomb! He just shows up to church and always reads everything and wow, hes just awesome! haha wednesday he called us but I was in my bed dying so Hermana Deppe talked to him and then she came into the room and was like yeah tomorrow night we are going to go over to Hans house to sing... what'? Neither of us understood what exactly he was asking but heermana deppe was just like yeah sure! So Thursday rolls around and I was feeling better so we went over and he was like surprise here is every single person in my family! So we met all his aunts and uncles and cousins and  parents and grandparents and everyone in between! But they loved us so much! So we sang (Happy Birthday.. ahah) and then we had to leave and they were like comeback sooonnn! Hahah you bet your bottom dollar we will! THey are the best!

Well I cant really remember alll the othe 23896964 things that happenes this week, but I am starting to get a foot tan! Also a reallly stinky guy just sat down next to me.... Maybe you wanted to know that maybe not... now you do.. 

ANyways I love all of your faces and stuff and i am still here in lima tearin it up! I love the mission and I love a}this gospel! Its true its true its true! Thanks for all the support and prayers! 

With Love from Lima 
Hermana Scarlett

Our ward activity -
Everyone went to Jeremy's birthday party......

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